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    Why Medical & Wellness?

    There is a medical renaissance sweeping the country. The practice of medicine is being redefined. Self-care and personal responsibility for outcomes are more important than ever. And information about our health is available at our fingertips thanks to the internet. Smart practitioners are tapping into these changes.

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Peacock Omnimedia
Strategic + Creative = Results

We serve lifestyle-driven brands that want big agency results with a more personal approach. Our client collaborations are based on the fine art of storytelling.


A company’s capabilities and the delivery of its message are essential to fulfilling its mission successfully.  This begins with a solid strategy. Who are you communicating with and why? What are the best tactics to employ to reach your goals? The Peacock Omnimedia process answers these questions and more in order to develop a solid foundation for your campaigns.


Your business deserves a beautiful identity on which to build an engaged community. It’s the easiest way to ensure the quality of your message is received. The Peacock Omnimedia process will uncover your secret sauce so that we can create a clear, attractive brand that is worthy of your mission and your services. Relax. We’ve got this.


Peacock Omnimedia generates demand for your products and services. Armed with a plan of engagement designed just for your company, we’ll bring your brand to life and give it the unique flavor of that secret sauce we discovered. We know things. Like how to get your value proposition into the hands of people who need what you have to offer.



Allison's energy, intelligence and ability to manifest a vision into reality will satisfy and exceed your expectations. And she is able to interact with medical peers with respect and knowledge.

Julie Reardon, MD | Family Physician


If you're stuck on how to position yourself or your company…consider Allison...she owned the spotlight when it came to writing, leveraging social media, and creating marketing messaging.

Lee Andrese | VP, Aquent


Peacock Omnimedia transformed our "homemade" brand and gave us a fresh, professional look that turns clients' heads! They developed a beautiful, sleek, user friendly website and created our print ads. I have no doubt their work has boosted our business. We highly recommend Allison and her team!

Leslie Lambert | Rancho Mirando


Peacock Omnimedia was instrumental in helping brand Rancho Mirando. Allison designed our advertising and our beautiful website. Because of her skill our business has taken off like wildfire!

Donna Aldred | Owner, Rancho Mirando


Allison Peacock can be trusted with your most valuable asset: your brand. You are in great hands.

Linda Freeman | Dell